F1 Car: Sergio Pérez Wins as Red Bull Dominates Again

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix was really only up for grabs after 10 circuits as to whether Red Bull would prevail. But by the end, not even that was a contest. In order to win on Sunday in Baku, Sergio Pérez outperformed both the competition and his colleague Max Verstappen. Vertstappen won the other two races, making this Pérez’s second victory of the year. This was also the third time in the previous four races that Red Bull’s vehicles crossed the finish line first and second. The outcomes also made it clear that Red Bull has an edge over every other Formula 1 team this season since they have consistently been the quickest in practice, qualifying, and on Sundays.

Today, we exerted all of our effort, Pérez stated. “We both repeatedly hit the wall. We were making headway there. Although Max pushed me in a really difficult way, we were able to control him. Fernando Alonso of Aston Martin was beaten by Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc to finish third, giving Leclerc his first podium result of the year. However, Red Bull easily defeated both of them. Again.

Sergio Pérez Wins as Red Bull Dominates Again

When spectators gathered on the racecourse before it was over, Formula 1 narrowly escaped tragedy for the second straight time.
Fans in Australia were the ones who trespassed, sliding through cracks in the fencing to enter the racecourse while the vehicles were still moving at full speed. The incident occurred on Sunday in the pit lane as Pérez and Verstappen crossed the finish line. Photographers, crew members and safety personnel had gathered there from the garage area.

Esteban Ocon of Alpine was trying to stop on the last lap, which caused an issue since as his vehicle turned the curve, everyone was scurrying for safety. The track invasions in Melbourne prompted the Australian Grand Prix organizers to launch an inquiry, one of which they conceded “could have been horrific.” However, those appeared to be the fault of the fans.

Accredited photographers and team staff members were presumably escorted onto the track during the incident on Sunday in Baku. That will bring up challenging questions for the Formula 1 organization as well as those in Azerbaijan.

Almost instantly. Even Ferrari’s Leclerc, who began on pole, acknowledged that he might not maintain the advantage for long. He was accurate.

On Lap 4, Verstappen overtook him. Leclerc was passed by Pérez three laps later. Which Red Bull would triumph at that point seemed to be the only open question. After Verstappen pitted, the safety car made an early appearance, allowing Pérez to overtake them and take the lead. From that point on, the race was never in doubt.

  • Regarding chasing Red Bull, Charles Leclerc said, “Honestly, the feeling is a little better, but when I see the gap, we still have a lot of work.”
  • Verstappen, the perennially unhappiest runner-up in the world: “You never stop learning. It will never always be perfect.
  • Pérez said, “We managed to keep the pressure on Max.” The points race had become more competitive.

Sergio Pérez Wins as Red Bull Dominates Again

March 5: Bahrain Grand Prix. Winner: Max Verstappen

March 19: Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Winner: Sergio Pérez

April 2: Australian Grand Prix. Winner: Max Verstappen

April 30: Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Winner: Sergio Pérez

May 7: The Miami Grand Prix at the Miami International Autodrome is the first of Formula 1’s three visits in the United States.

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