new features in airpods

New Health Monitoring Features Powered by AirPods

New Features :- Apple has openly recognized the health benefits of AirPods and hinted that it is spending extensively in this area. According to Bloomberg, Apple will provide additional health functions for AirPods sometime within the next two years.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman writes in the most recent issue of his Power On newsletter that Apple “intends to improve the AirPods to become a health tool in the next year or two.” He specifically mentions that one of the initial features will be the “ability to obtain hearing data of some type.”



new features in airpods

Gurman notes that Live Listen, a feature that came with iOS 12 in 2018, is already available on AirPods. With the use of this capability, an iPhone may effectively be used as a directional microphone, transferring the audio it records to AirPods in real time.

But, Live Listen is not FDA-approved. Gurman predicts that this type of regulatory permission may occur in the future:

In the upcoming year or two, I think Apple plans to improve the AirPods so they can gather some form of hearing data and turn into a health tool. Even before hearing aids were popular, the AirPods featured a function called Live Listen that could amplify noise from other parts of the room.

Of course, this is not FDA-approved and is not intended to replace hearing aids. But I wouldn’t be shocked if the AirPods ultimately took on those responsibilities more formally given Apple’s intention to make health one of its next key projects. Tens of millions of people, if not more, would benefit from it.

Apple CEO Kevin Lynch highlighted the potential benefits of AirPods for health in a 2021 interview. We currently combine sensors across several gadgets, and this technology has a lot of potential, he added.

It remains to be seen what kind of health functions will eventually be added to AirPods. Nonetheless, it’s obvious that Apple is interested in it and that it supports Tim Cook’s overarching objectives.

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The audio quality is excellent as well, with features like spatial audio and adaptive EQ that automatically adjusts songs for the optimal listening experience. Moreover, the battery life is greater, clocking in at six hours, matching that of the AirPods Pro and outlasting the 2nd generation of Apple AirPods.

Apple has advanced significantly, especially in recent years, adding a range of devices to its lineup of popular items. Although many people only think of the iPhone when they think of Apple, there are actually a lot more items to take into account, especially when it comes to Apple AirPods. These earbuds and headphones offer an amazing listening experience by fusing innovation and performance.

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