Google Maps Has a Handy New Indicator

Google Maps Has a Handy New Indicator When You’re Exploring Around a Pin :- Google is introducing a new feature for Google Maps that will assist users in maintaining track of a placed pin. In Google Maps, the address is typically displayed as a red pin for quick access as you explore the nearby streets and attractions. Nevertheless, it happens more frequently than not that you’ll lose the pin and have to zoom out and search the area until you find it again, which makes the process tedious.

According to an Android Police report, the tech giant now allows you to pan around the map without losing your pin because, once the pin disappears from view, an indicator appears on the map’s side in the direction of your set pin and “remains relative to the pin’s initial placement as you pan or rotate the map.” In fact, Google Maps will re-center on the pin when you hit the indicator, making it simple to change your intended location.

Google Maps has a handy new indicator

Google Maps‘ New Feature Helps You Keep Track Of Your Pin: How It Works

As you look up cross streets and other surrounding attractions when investigating a new location on Google Maps, a red location pin is placed at the address for quick access. The issue is that it’s simple to get lost in a Maps rabbit hole and lose sight of the original pin, which normally necessitates zooming out and panning until you locate it once more. Thankfully, a new feature that seems to be rolling out right now has suddenly made this cumbersome experience significantly simpler.

You may now pan around without losing your pin, whether you manually set a pin in the map by pressing a location or find a site through Maps search. If you pan or rotate the map after the pin has left the screen, the indicator will continue to point in the same general direction as the pin’s original position. Even better, Maps will automatically re-center on the original pin if you tap the indicator.

You have to wonder why this functionality wasn’t included earlier because it is so simple and clear. This functionality is used by several video games with in-game maps to indicate your location in relation to a goal or other players, such as Grand Theft Auto and Need For Speed.

Google Maps has a handy new indicator

Although it appears to still be in the early stages of dissemination, this functionality is now being seeded to Maps users all over the world. This functionality appears to be an account-based modification that takes place independently of your Google Maps app version, and it is currently present on around a fifth of the devices we have tested it on. The identical indicator, according to what we’ve observed, also appears when you choose a person using Google Maps Location Sharing.

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