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Diana’s Mesmerizing Dress Achieves Record $1.1m Sale

Princess Diana’s Black Gown Sets a New World Record ; Sells for $1.1 m at an Auction in London

This dress was worn by Diana, Princess of Wales in 1985. It fetched 11 times its estimated price in an auction last night in London .

The black and blue velvet gown has been sold for record breaking amount of $1,148,080 (£904,262) by Julien auctions .
It has become the most expensive dress worn by Princess Diana by breaking new fashion record.

The black velvet corset of the dress contains finely embroidered blue metallic stars and is complemented by a blue skirt.

The bellerina- length dress was created by designer Jacques Azagury.
Azagury was introduced to Diana in 1980s and while remembering his experience with Diana he said , “Her visits were very relaxed, she loved chatting to the girls here. She didn’t ask me to design specific dresses for her, she knew that she could come here and find something she’d love and that we could adapt it and create a unique dress for whatever occasion she needed.”

The bellerina skirt shows her love for dance. Diana wore this dress two times. Firstly, she wore it at dinner during a royal tour in 1985 and then to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra in 1986. Diana wore several dresses designed by Azagury during her lifetime.

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