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ChatGPT Lands on The Apple Watch and Siri Should Be Worried

Only a few months after being included into Bing, ChatGPT has migrated to iOS and is now available only as a third-party app for the Apple Watch.

Petey – AI Assistant is what it’s named, and developer Hidde van de Ploeg invented it (listed as Modum B.V. on the App Store). It was formerly named as watchGPT, but the name had to be changed owing to trademark difficulties with the abbreviation “GPT”. According to a developer’s Twitter demonstration video, Petey works like Siri. You launch the app, ask a question, and it responds via Text to Voice in a short amount of time. Just swipe down on the watch face and hit Reply to respond to an enquiry. Petey can give quite complicated replies, such as outlining how to catch a fish, unlike Apple’s own Siri.

The limited capabilities of voice assistants like Siri are one of its drawbacks. To elicit a response from those AIs, you must ask them particular questions in a particular way. ChatGPT, on the other hand, has a wider range of capabilities and can write everything from business letters to holiday stories. Although it’s difficult to gauge Petey’s capabilities, it seems like you won’t have to work as hard on it.
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A work in progress

Due to the ongoing addition of new features, Petey is still a work in progress. You just have a small number to deal with right now. To begin with, you may distribute the comments to others “through SMS, email, or social media,” but the App Store blurb is vague about which platforms.

For easy access, the app may be added as a complication to the Apple Watch face. The number of languages that are supported is increasing as well, reaching 14 in total. Petey now supports a number of languages, including Italian, Japanese, and German. If you’d like, you may enter your queries into Petey’s little on-screen keyboard, which is included. You’d probably be better off speaking.

Regarding upcoming upgrades, various projects are in the works. According to what is known, van der Ploeg is aiming to improve the app’s general efficiency so you can ask it many questions, add a History feature so you can go back to a prior inquiry, and make voice inputs the default mode.

But, there are a handful of cautions. One: the app isn’t free; it costs $4.99 (about £4, over $7 AUD, and over €5) on the App Store. Petey requires an Apple Watch running watchOS 9 or above. Thus, if you haven’t already, make sure you update your device. We should point out that the programme does not gather user data, so you can rest certain that your privacy is protected.

Those who own an Android smartwatch will be out of luck. When questioned about a potential Android version, van der Ploeg replied there won’t be one since his “skillset wouldn’t allow [for] that”.

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