TikTok Banned on London City Hall Devices Over Security Concerns

TikTok Banned on London City Hall Devices Over Security Concerns :- The most recent ban on the Chinese-owned social media app, TikTok, was enacted due to security concerns, and London City Hall employees will no longer use it on their smartphones.

The Greater London Authority (GLA) stated that the rule was put into place because it “very seriously” takes information security.

Following a security review, the UK government prohibited ministers from using a video-sharing app on their official cell phones.

In making the decision to forbid the app throughout the Palace of Westminster, the House of Commons and the Lords both cited security considerations.

TikTok banned on London City Hall devices

The commissioners of the House of Commons and the Lords have determined that TikTok will be barred from all parliamentary devices and the wider parliamentary network in response to the government’s decision to prohibit the app from government devices.

Because of “possible surveillance and privacy hazards from certain social networking apps,” the Scottish government has decided to ban official devices.

The GLA Takes Information Security :

“The GLA takes information security extremely seriously,” a GLA spokesperson stated. According to the government’s decision, TikTok won’t be accessible on GLA devices any longer.

ByteDance, a Chinese internet business that owns TikTok, claims that it does not share data with China. Beijing’s intelligence laws, however, mandate that businesses assist the Communist party at its request.

Beijing reacted strongly when the UK government announced the embargo last week, claiming a risk to “sensitive” data.

The decision, according to the Chinese embassy in the UK, is “based on its political motive rather than facts” and will “ultimately undermine the UK’s own interests,” it said.

TikTok banned on London City Hall devices

A spokesman for TikTok stated

A spokesman for TikTok stated: “As we have stated, we believe these bans are motivated by broader geopolitics and based on fundamental errors.

“We are willing to meet with the Mayor to discuss any issues, but judgement should be based on the facts, and we should be treated equally to our rivals.

“We have started putting into action a comprehensive plan to strengthen the protection of our European user data, which includes keeping UK user data in our European data centers and tightening data access restrictions, including third-party independent review of our strategy.”

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